Czech Casting – Andrea 8903 /


We have seen some amazing things during the CzechCasting project… but this exceeds everything. Believe me that it will be hard to beat this entry. Check out the video of today’s girl, twenty-four year old brunette Andrea from Prague, and look hard. Can you notice anything different? This very intelligent and interesting lady revealed some incredible things about her private life. Things that could induce dizziness in some people, so be aware… Especially some incredible intimate things about her friend, a very wealthy developer in Prague. The biggest shock, however, was the information that Andrea has 49 chromosomes… that’s three chromosomes more than an ordinary human being. No surprise that an acclaimed Czech scientist is examining her in his latest studies.We had no idea, however, that it’s not just a genetic thing, but also a visible, physical anomaly… It’s not just her DNA helix that’s longer than usual, but also her crotch!It’s crazy, huh!? Since she was willing to show something more on camera than just her naked body, we encountered a slight staff problem… Our cameraman is a sworn heterosexual, it was clear to us that his cock won’t end up in this tranny’s ass. So we decided that we’ll trick him. We arranged only oral sex with Andrea (our cameraman wasn’t present during the photo-shoot) and his moment came on the grand finale with camera. Unsuspecting, he then turned-on the camera and let her (him) suck his dick until the amazing end. Take a look at it, perhaps the cameraman won’t get mad (he said it was his best blowjob ever, so he’s okay).
Featuring: Andrea 8903

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